Best Area To Stay In Saint Martin

When planning a journey to the beautiful island of Saint Martin, one of the most important decisions will be where to stay. With its beautiful beaches, thriving culture, and abundance of attractions, Saint Martin offers a variety of areas that appeal to various preferences and interests.

In this Article we’ll explore the best places to stay in Saint Martin to guarantee a memorable and enjoyable trip.

Best Area To Stay In Saint Martin

Here are some best area to stay in saint martin:

1. Dawn Beach

Beaches, sunsets, snorkeling

Dawn Beach is located on the eastern coast of St. Maarten, roughly 30 minutes from the airport. Due to the fact that this small island is only 13 kilometers long and 16 kilometers wide, it is very simple to explore by vehicle. The days in Dawn Beach are spent lounging on the powdery white dunes, snorkeling to see tropical fish, and sipping cocktails in the beachside bars and restaurants. If you desire a more active activity, you can travel inland to Loteries Farm to go zip-lining or spend an afternoon at the St. Maarten Zoo learning about the local fauna.

Photographers and outdoor enthusiasts can also trek to the nearby peak of Pic Paradis, which offers spectacular views of the island’s interior and coastline. Dawn Beach has various villas, apartments, and luxury resorts to accommodate all preferences and budgets.

2. Simpson Bay

Beaches, nightlife, airport

Simpson Bay is one of the most popular communities in Sint Maarten, characterized by a luxurious resort and marina with a Mediterranean atmosphere, exotic plant life, beaches, and adventure. At the resort, you can choose between suites and villas, each of which is equipped with a variety of amenities. There are Mexican, Italian, Japanese, gourmet bistro, traditional coffee stores, and other dining options. There are options ranging from bodyboarding to kite surfing for those who appreciate water sports.

While staying at the resort, the spa will make you feel entirely pampered. Simpson Bay is a picturesque location brimming with memories to be made, whether you want to relax on the white sands or investigate the exquisitely maintained gardens.

3. Philipsburg

Beaches, shopping, casinos

Christopher TownPhilipsburg, the metropolis of the Dutch side of St. Maarten, is approximately 25 minutes from the airport and is located on the Great Salt Pond. Front Street and Back Street are lined with Duty-Free shops, chic boutiques, casinos, and restaurants, and as cruise ships halt here throughout the year, the town is lively year-round. There is intriguing history to explore, with colorful Antillean architecture, the ruins of an old Dutch fortress close by, and a lively boardwalk lined with stores and restaurants running along Great Bay Beach.

Philipsburg is a popular destination for families, friends, and couples who enjoy history, sunbathing, and shopping, and the town offers a variety of lodging options to suit your preferences. There are accommodations for all budgets, including luxury hotels, guesthouses, hostels, and residences.

4. Lowlands

Beaches, quiet

Low-lying regions. Lowlands, located in the southwest of the island, is less than ten minutes from Princess Juliana International Airport and the lively resort of Simpson Bay. Lowlands is the place to remain if you want a tranquil retreat but still want to be near bars, restaurants, golf courses, and nightlife.

You can choose from budget, mid-range, and deluxe accommodations and have simple access to some of the best beaches in St. Maarten. You will be spoiled for choice, as Cupecoy Beach, Mullet Bay Beach, and Maho Beach are all within a few minutes of each other. There are spots for surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and waterfront bars where you may sip a cocktail as the sun sets.

5. Maho

Maho is home to a shoreline renowned for its proximity to the airport, where planes fly so close overhead that you’ll feel like you could touch them. It is located on the Sint Maarten side of the island and features expansive expanses of golden sand beach and clear turquoise waters. You will sense a strong gust of wind as the planes pass overhead and pass you by. It is a distinct and thrilling experience that children tend to enjoy immensely.

The city offers numerous opportunities for sightseeing, dining, and retail. Maho is unquestionably the place to go if you’re searching for a unique and unusual vacation experience.

6. Marigot

Marigot has one of the most picturesque harbors on the entire island and is also the cultural center of Saint Martin, with its beautiful historic structures, hiking, and excellent cuisine. This exciting town on the French side of the island is extremely popular with tourists due to the numerous photo opportunities it provides, whether of the Caribbean, the ruins of Fort St. Louis, or the charming gingerbread-style homes that line its streets.

Those seeking to shop and dine will find an abundance of independent stores, a twice-weekly farmer’s market, and excellent bistro dining here. Marigot exemplifies the prototypical Caribbean village in several ways.

7. Cupecoy

Beaches, quiet

CupecoyCupecoy is situated on the southwestern coast of St. Maarten and provides visitors with a peaceful place to remain. The resort is less than ten minutes from the airport and ferry port, so there are no lengthy transfer periods after a flight or crossing. Long Bay Beach, located in Cupecoy, is one of the island’s most tranquil beaches, perfect for unwinding away from the madding crowd.

It is a paradise for couples and honeymooners, with many bars and restaurants, turquoise waters, tree-lined shores, and soft white sand. There are various lodging options in Cupecoy, from modest 3-star hotels to beachfront wellness resorts.

8. Orient Bay

On the French side of St. Martin, Orient Bay is one of the most famous, cleanest, and nicest beaches, with a bohemian vibe. It is one of the liveliest places to go out at night in the area.
This is a town where something is always happening, so you will never lack excitement. You can capture some rays by lying on the beach. You can stroll lively shopping avenues, snag a drink at a pavement café, and dance the night away in a thriving nightclub.

9. Grand Case

Grand Case has a mile-long strip of white sand and dark blue waters surrounded by hotels, boutiques, and restaurants that offer lounge chair rentals and other amenities. This shoreline is one of the most iconic locations in Saint Martin and, in many ways, exemplifies the ideal Caribbean beach. Whether you want to build sandcastles with your children, go snorkeling and swimming in the surf, or simply lie in the sand and soak up some sunlight, you can do all these activities here.

In close proximity to the shore are historical sites, excellent seafood restaurants, and, of course, an abundance of shopping opportunities. The town is also renowned for its abundance of well-known shore bars.

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