Best Things To Do In Prague In October

Are you planning a visit to Prague in October? You’re in for a treat! The Czech capital comes alive with a unique blend of fall foliage, cultural events, and a charming atmosphere. From strolls through historic streets adorned with autumn colors to indulging in delicious seasonal treats, Prague offers a plethora of activities for everyone. In this guide, we’ll explore the best things to do in Prague during the enchanting month of October.

Weather In Prague In October

In October, Prague and Budapest have weather that is similar to fall. The nights and early mornings are cool, but the days are warm. The wind starts to get cold as soon as the sun goes down below the horizon.

The whole of October is pretty dry and very comfortable for traveling to different places within Prague. The average afternoon Prague temperature in October is about 56℉, and the lowest temperature at night is about 39℉.

Things To Do In October In Prague

In October, there are lots of things to do in Prague. 

1. Don’t Miss The International Jazz Festival!

The International Jazz Festival tradition has been held in Prague for over 50 years; it lasts approximately two weeks, usually starting in the middle of the month.

The Festival has been going on since 1964, making it one of the longest and most well-known music events in the Czech Republic and Europe. If you are in Prague in October, you should attend this world-famous Festival. Music giants like B.B. King, the Duke Ellington Orchestra, Benny Goodman, and many others have played at the Festival.

Where it takes place

Historically, the Festival has been held in various venues in the Czech Capital, the most recurrent of which are the LucernaMusic Bar and the Reduta Jazz Club.

How to buy tickets

For such highly anticipated events, it is best to purchase tickets in advance; you can buy them on the official website of the Reduta Jazz Club.

2. Attend The Designblok Fashion And Art Festival

One might think that Czechs don’t know much about style and dress. Everyone will be wrong if they don’t go to the Designblok Festival. Several young designers are just starting to put together clothes and other accessories on par with the best designs worldwide. Every year in October, this Festival is held at different places throughout Prague.

It is a new-age vanity fair, and one should not miss attending this event in Prague in October. The fashion commodities sold during this event include lighting, furnishing, and clothing. Fashion designs are displayed at this event in Prague in October.

Where it takes place

A different setting is taken as a location for each new edition of the event. Historically, old buildings such as castles and stately homes have been used throughout Prague.

How to buy tickets

The best way to purchase tickets, find out about the schedule of presentations, and get to know the artists in detail is by visiting the official Designblok website.

3. Contemporary Art Festival 4+4 Days.

In October in Prague, usually on the first day of the month, takes place an event that lovers of contemporary theater will fully enjoy. It is the “International Theater Festival 4+4 Days in Motion” organized by the NGO Four Days, which organizes all kinds of unique cultural and international projects.

The Festival was born in 1996, and in a series of presentations that take approximately eight calendar days, great artists from Europe and the world are presented with theater and dance projects characterized by their innovative and often provocative touch. The idea is always to enrich the local theatrical proposal.

Where it takes place

Over the years, the Festival has used different stages and venues throughout Prague, but the most recurrent is the Divadlo Archa or Archa Theater in the Jewish Quarter.

How to buy tickets

The official website of 4+4 Days in Motion publishes the calendar of presentations for the current year and the links to purchase tickets; just go to the section that says “Festival.”

4. The Best Of Jazz And Classical Music At The Autumn Strings Festival.

This is one of the well-known music festivals in Prague in October, which started in 1996 and has been a famous event ever since. The National Theatre, the National Museum, the Vaclav and Dagmar Havel Foundation, the Czech Philharmonic, and VIZE 97 all worked together to plan it. Since so many important groups are involved in putting on the event, it is held in the most beautiful theaters in Prague. Classical and jazz music can be combined to make sounds that make you want to tap your feet. This is a unique and fun thing to do. The tickets for this event are sold out very soon; therefore, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that must not be missed for any reason.

Where it takes place

In the first years of the Festival, the presentations were held at Prague Castle; however, since 2004, the city’s different locations and historical buildings have taken the stage every year. Prague’s autumn strings have ranged from famous concert halls to theaters and churches. When planning your trip to Prague, it is best to check the official website, Strings of Autumn.

5. Join The Halloween Celebrations.

Halloween in Prague is a really fun celebration; if you find yourself in the city on October 31, let yourself be embraced by the “spooky” and festive atmosphere that fills the whole city. The beautiful medieval buildings, small streets, and night lights give the city a fairytale charm that is hard to match.

On this day, you will find several celebrations, especially recommended if you visit Prague with children and adults: parties, carnivals, story readings, markets, and workshops, all with a Halloween theme, invade the streets.

Where is it held?

Halloween parties for adults: Prague’s nightclubs are the first to join the festive atmosphere by organizing themed costume parties with live music. The best Halloween parties in Prague are at:

OMY Music Bar Yalta, the entrance costs about 8€.

One Club Prague, ticket prices vary according to availability and sell out very quickly.

Halloween activities for the whole family: If parties and clubs are not your thing or you want a more family-friendly plan, get inspired by the following list.

Halloween in the Prague Castle Gardens; at dusk, in the shadows of the Great Castle, a candle lighting is held in honor of the departed.

FREEX Trampoline Park: The modern amusement park holds a themed party with contests, dancing, and interactive games on Halloween and the days leading up to it.

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